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Since 2006 London Wing Chun has served as a first point of call for Wing Chun teachers, students and practitioners. Over the years, London Wing Chun has grown in size and reputation to become a leading source of information on the art of Wing Chun.

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London Wing Chun is an information resource built by people who study Wing Chun for people who study Wing Chun. London Wing Chun will bring you all the essential information about the Wing Chun community in London including:

Although focused on Wing Chun schools in London, London Wing Chun has a global outlook. Therefore, you will also find a huge selection of international Wing Chun video clips, articles, and interviews on this site.

Beyond this London Wing Chun also wishes to advance the study of Wing Chun by bringing together the London Wing Chun community in one place so that information and teachings may be shared and distributed openly.

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