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An Interview With The Wing Chun MMA Fighter Shawn 'Seal The Deal' Obasi
Shawn Obasi

Most Wing Chun teachers and students view Wing Chun as a street-based fighting system. Few have attempted to use Wing Chun in MMA competitions and even fewer still have been victorious.

With a 5 and 0 winning streak in the New York based Underground Combat League Shawn 'Seal The Deal' Obasi could just be Wing Chun's first major MMA champion. In this exclusive interview we speak to Shawn Obasi about his training, experiences and successes in taking Wing Chun into the cage and ring. Click Here To Read More

The Genius of Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Game of Death

Bruce Lee is the undisputed master of 20th century martial arts. No other martial artist before or since Bruce Lee has attained the same level of admiration or inspired so many. Why is this?

Bruce Lee was a one-of-a-kind revolutionary thinker whose dedication to self-improvement propelled him to challenge established systems, break boundaries and create new approaches to martial arts training. Lee was not merely a great martial artist, he was a charismatic philisopher...Click Here To Read More

The Science of Wing Chun by Sifu Lucas Castrounis sifu lucas castrounis

In this article Sifu Lucas Castrounis explains why Wing Chun Kuen is one of the most simple, direct, efficient, sophisticated and scientific fighting system in Chinese kung fu.

The scientific system of Wing Chun Kuen, as taught by Lucas Castrounis at the Reading Academy, is not only a good fighting system, it is a sophisticated weapon, where body mechanics are used with maximum efficiency.

Click Here To Read More

LWC Interview With Master Leo Au Yeung Choreographer of Ip Man the Movie Master Leo Au Yeung Wing Chun
Master Leo Au Yeung has trained in Wing Chun for over a decade under Ip Chun and Samuel Kwok.

As a reflection of his skill of Wing Chun, in 2008 Master Yeung was invited to Hong Kong to choreograph the chinese martial arts box-office blockbuster 'Ip Man' alongside the famous Hollywood and Hong Kong movie industry actor/director Sammo Hung.

In this exclusive interview London Wing Chun speaks with Master Yeung... Click Here To Read More

An Interview With Alan Orr: MMA Wing Chun - by Bob Sykesalan orr wing chun mma

In this interview first published in UK Martial Arts Illustrated in March 2007 Alan Orr explains in detail the 'Body Structure Method' applied within the Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun System.

Alan Orr also discusses his integration of grappling and mixed martial arts training into the Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun System with reference to his fight team's recent successes in NHB and MMA competitions.

This article includes official video clips from Alan Orr's of Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun DVDs... Click Here To Read More

Wing Chun and MMA Trainingyip man wing chun wooden dummy

In this article London Wing Chun considers the impact of the growth of MMA sports culture on Wing Chun. In doing so we ask important questions about why Wing Chun has not so far been applied in MMA competitions, and what Wing Chun students can learn from Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA training frameworks.

This article also features numerous videos of MMA and Wing Chun training for your benefit... Click Here To Read More

The Benefits of Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Training yip man wing chun wooden dummy

Everyone who trains in Wing Chun at some point in their life wants to become the proud owner of their very own Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (mook yan jong). In addition to explaining the benefits of wooden dummy training, this article features authentic footage of Yip Man performing the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form.

Best of all, we give you advice on how to build your very own Wing Chun Wooden Dummy!

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The Top 10 Martial Arts Movies Of All Time36th chamber of shaolin dvd

The London Wing Chun editorial team have put together a definitive list of the top 10 martial arts movies of all time.

Check out our comprehensive countdown of the best fighting flicks ever to see if your personal favourites have made it onto our winners podium.

The top ten list includes full information about all of the featured martial arts movies and even links to video previews.

Click Here To See The Top 10 Martial Arts Movies

The Wing Chun Magazine 2007 Edition Download Now

wing_chun_magazine_2007_editionThe Wing Chun Magazine ( is an excellent e-publication dedicated the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

The Wing Chun Magazine (formerly Wing Chun Teahouse) seeks to widen discussion and information sharing within the Wing Chun community, to advance and celebrate the beauty and effectiveness of Wing Chun.

Click here for issue contents and to download your copy of the Wing Chun Magazine now.

Recent articles:

Kevin Chan Awarded Black Belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

Kevin ChanSifu Kevin Chan- founder of the Kamon Martial Arts Federation was recently awarded a Black Belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

In a ceremony held at the Roger Gracie Academy, London, Kevin Chan was awarded his Black Belt by Mauricao Gomes.

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The Customer Services Cuong-Fu Master

sifu cuong trinhLondon Wing Chun has an exclusive interview with Cuong Trinh, a Customer Services Partner with a hidden talent - he’s a qualified instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Find out why Sifu Cuong Trinh first started learning Wing Chun and why he believes Wing Chun is the most effective form of self-defence.

Sifu Cuong also reveals the importance of Chi cultivation and Wooden Dummy training for all Wing Chun students.

Click here to read London Wing Chun's interview with Sifu Cuong Trinh.

London Wing Chun Goes Grappling

wing_chun_grapplingWing Chun is an art which avoids fighting on the floor at all costs. However, with the meteoric growth of UFC, grappling has fast become the art to analyze and understand.

London Wing Chun figured it should investigate grappling, and see how much it complimented Wing Chun... Click Here To Read More


The Wing Chun Teahouse Magazine Fall Edition

wing_chun_teahouse_fall_editionThe Wing Chun Teahouse Magazine Fall Edition includes articles about Wing Chun and MMA competition, an Sifu Lok Yiu, Sifu Alan Orr's Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Iron Wolves Fight Team.

Click Here to read more about the Fall 2006 edition of the Wing Chun Teahouse Magazine.