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Sifu Austin Goh

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A Biography Of Sifu Austin Goh

Austin Goh grew up in Malaysia where he gained a strong foundation in the martial arts. He left his home town in Malaysia for England in the early seventies to continue his academic studies. It was there that he set up his first Wing-Chun school in London and has since expanded into Europe. He now has well over a thousand students in his schools.
Austin has also travelled extensively around the world giving demonstrations and lectures in Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

His success as a teacher in the martial arts is due to his friendly and open-minded teaching methods which have gained him the respect and loyalty of his students. He teaches that anyone who wants to succeed in any martial art must be prepared to work hard and be determined to achieve this goal, and he leads in this respect by his own example.

Sifu Austin Goh Video

This is a video documentary about Sifu Austin Goh's life and lineage of Wing Chun.

Austin Goh's Wing chun Lineage

austin_goh_wing_chunSifu Austin Goh's unique Wing Chun lineage incorporates centre-line Yip Man Wing Chun, and the much rarer Pien San (side-line) Wing Chun. Sifu Goh studied under the Master Lee Shing, the grandfather of English Wing Chun. The strengths of Goh (and Shing) lineage Wing Chun is that it enables students to fight via and around the centreline.


Austin Goh Wing Chun Class Times and Locations

Austin Goh Wing Chun Classes in London:
Wing Chun Classes in London Location 1:
Camden Chinese Community Centre 9, Tavistock Place London WC1H 98N (3 minute walk from Russell Sq.Underground Station.
Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7 to 8 p.m.

Wing Chun Classes in London Location 2:
London Chinatown Chinese Community Centre, Gerrard Street, London. W1 (4 mins walk from Leicester Sq Underground Station).
Times: Wednesday 6 to 7 pm (Chi Kung), 7 to 8 pm (all levels)
Friday 6 to 7 pm (Chi Kung), 7 to 8pm (Wing Chun)

Wing Chun Classes in London Location 3:
Kings College KCLSU Student Centre Boland House Guys Hospital St Thomas Street London SE1 9RT (3 mins walk from London Bridge Underground Station).
Times: Monday and Wednesday 5 to 6.30 pm and Saturday 3-5 pm

Austin Goh Wing Chun Class Fees:

Private Wing Chun Classes and Seminars:

Master Austin Goh is also available for private wing chun classes, wing chun seminars and wing chun workshops in London and Worldwide please email or call:

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What to expect from an Austin Goh Wing Chun Class

Sifu Goh has been teaching Wing Chun for over 35 years. During this time he has carefully developed and refined his teaching programme so that each class tests and trains students abilities in a variety of ways. Here is the class structure:

Wing Chun Class Part 1: Warm Up Exercises
10 Minutes Stretching Warm Up and Chi Kung Exercises
10 Minutes Attack/Defense Techniques Drill
Conditioning Exercises For Arms and Legs
Strength Exercises including squat front punches, squat push kicks, hopping front punches, one legged squats.

Wing Chun Class Part 2: Chi Sau, Sparring, Technique Drills
Once everyone is warmed up, Sifu Goh begins the second part of the class in which he teaches students either Wing Chun drill techniques, Chi Sau techniques, or Wing Chun fighting strategies. Sifu Goh will normally focus on 3-5 key techniques per class, demonstrating them to students, allowing students to practice them, and then explaining in greater depth the finer details of the techniques. Sifu Goh also goes beyond simply demonstrating physical techniques, he also explains the pyschology of Wing Chun fighing and street combat. Having worked as a bodyguard and as bouncer in central London, Sifu Goh has a lifetime of real fighting experience to pass on to his students. Sifu Goh always emphasises the differences between class training, sparring, chi sau and real world combat.

Wing Chun Class Part 3: Form During the third part of the class, students take time to practice their form and syllabus techniques. Senior class members will often spend time with junior students passing on experience and advice.

Wing Chun Class Part 4: Warm Down
After form Sifu Goh takes students through a few warm down exercises and a final set of pushups.

After Class Training: Anything Goes
After class, students will often train for 30 minutes, focusing on free sparring, chi sau, technique drills, or form. This is a great opportunity for senior and new class members to share knowledge and experiences. The environment is always positive and welcoming.

Austin Goh's Wing chun Syllabus

Having taught Wing Chun for over thirty years, Austin Goh has created and refined a syllabus which enables students to learn Wing Chun in a logical and intuitive way. Here is a video compilation, demonstrating some of the forms, techniques and drills taught within the Austin Goh Wing Chun system. Below the video is a detailed explanation of the Austin Goh Wing Chun system syllabus.

Austin Goh Wing Chun System Video:


austin_goh_sil_lim_taoFirst Grade: Yellow Sash

Sil Lim Tao (First Half)
One Legged Sil Lim Tao (First Half)
First Grade Techniques:
Straight Punch
Side Turn Tan Sau
Side Turn Tan Sau Push Kick
Turning Straight Punch
Forward Step Front Punch


austin_goh_chium_kuiSecond Grade: Green Sash
All Forms, Techniques and Drills From Previous Grade.
Sil Lim Tao (Full Form) and one legged
Arrow Punch Form
Second Grade Techniques:
Tan Sau Bong Sau Push Kick
Jumping Double Groin Kick
Stepping Tan Sau Bong Sau Double Slap Kick
Stepping Chain Front Punches
Tan Sau Bong Sau Side Kick Side Kick
The Five Changes Bong Sau Lap Sau Drill
Chi Sau and Sparring


austin_goh_kicking_formThird Grade: Blue Sash
All Forms, Techniques and
Drills From Previous Grades.
Chium Kiu
Sandbag Form


austin_goh_bil_jeeFourth Grade: Red Sash
All Forms, Techniques and
Drills From Previous Grades.
Kicking Form


austin_goh_black_sashFifth Grade: Brown Sash (Trainee Instructor)
All Forms, Techniques and Drills From Previous Grades.
Bil Chee
Chi Kung Form
Pole Form
Instructing other students



austin_goh_instructorSixth Grade: Black Sash (Instructor)
All Forms, Techniques and
Drills From Previous Grades.
Butterfly Knife Form
Wooden Dummy Form


austin_goh_beyond_blackBeyond Black Sash:
Other Forms In Sifu Goh's Wing Chun lineage are taught when students have reached the necessary level in skill. This may include, Dai Nim Tao Form (Big Idea Form).