London Wing Chun: Chium Kiu

Chium Kiu- Searching For The Bridge

Having learned the foundational principles of Wing Chun through the Sil Lim Tao form, Students are introduced to more advanced attack and defence techniques during their training of Chium Kiu. Chium Kiu is literally translated as 'searching for the bridge' this refers to the way in which it teaches Wing Chun students the strategy of 'bridging'- making contact with an opponent in order to execute an attacking/ defending strike.

In the below video Sifu Austin Goh demonstrates the Chium Kiu form and some applications of the techniques and principles contained within it:

Chium Kiu trains students in the transference of weight and power through moving and executing Wing Chun techniques simultaneously. In addition to this, Chium Kiu also trains speed, variations in the Bong Sau and Tan Sau techniques, and strengthens the abdomen through twisting movements. Chium Kiu represents a midway point in the Wing Chun system. Once they have attained a good understanding of, and can execute Chium Kiu to a high level, students will have reached an intermediate level. Like all the other Wing Chun forms, throughout their lifetime of training, students will continually revisit Chium Kiu for inspiration and insight.

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