London Wing Chun: Bil Chee

Bil Chee- Deadly Finger Striking

After three or more years of training, students that have reached an advanced level in Wing Chun are given the opportunity to learn the Bil Chee form. Bil Chee is most famously known for its use of pressure-point targeting finger stikes. The techniques learned in Bil Chee are highly effective, and for this reason the form is only taught to students that are responsible and have demonstrated a loyalty to the art of Wing Chun.

In addition to finger strikes, Bil Chee trains students so that they make strike with accuracy, elasticity and speed. Bil Chee also incorporates twisting strike/throw movements which strengthen muscles. On learning the Bil Chee form, a student will begin to make the Wing Chun art their own, and in doing so it will become a form of their own self expression:

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