London Wing Chun: Butterfly Knife Form

Butterfly Knife Form- A Cut Above The Rest

The Butterfly Knife Form is an advanced form which is only taught to students that have mastered all of the empty handed Wing Chun Forms.

The Butterfly Knife form is comprised of 10 sections and 108 movements in total. As well as teaching Wing Chun students how to handle weaponry, the Butterfly Knife Form also builds muscle strength, particularly in the hands, wrists, arms shoulders, chest, back and torso. As a result, although it is unlikely that students will ever use the actual Butterfly Knives to defend themselves, their Wing Chun abilities are greatly enhanced through practising this form. The Butterfly Knives can be substituted for Eskrima or other weapons small to medium sized weapons. In the below video, Sifu Goh demonstrates the Butterfly Form.

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