London Wing Chun: Chi kung

Chi Kung Explained: Breaking and Healing

Chi Kung is an art which focuses on breathing, meditation and bodily movements to generate, enhance and preserve internal energy. The below video clip explains the history and philosophy behind Chi Kung. It is taken from Austin Goh's Healing Hands DVD, in which Sifu Goh demonstrates techniques for generating Chi power which can be used to improve the health of yourself and others.

No matter how long you have trained Chi Kung, do not attempt to recreate any of the acts depicted in the below videos.

The below video also shows more examples of how Chi Kung can be used to generate Chi to harden the body and protect it from from lethal injury and attacks.

Sifu Austin Goh believes that it is essential for all Wing Chun students to understand and practice Chi Kung to improve their sensitivity, strength, power and concentration. At red sash level, students are taught Austin Goh's Wing Chun Chi Kung Form, however at all levels, students will practice some form of Chi Kung during Wing Chun class warm ups and warm downs. Student can also attend special Chi Kung classes (twice weekly) and seminars (monthly), where Sifu Goh demonstrates the concepts and techniques of Chi Kung more fully.

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