London Wing Chun: Kicking Form

Kicking Form- Working Around The Centre

The Kicking Form is learned by Students who have reached an intermediate to advanced level in their Wing Chun Training. Whilst students have been introduced to basic kicks in the Chiam Kiu form, in the Kicking Form far greater emphasis is paid to them. In the below video Sifu Goh demonstrates the Kicking Form and some applications for the techniques contained within it.

In the Kicking Form, students learn how to execute 3-hit defence/attack techniques. A key example of this is the point in Kicking form where students simultaneously execute a Tan Sau block, a palm strike and a push kick (see the above video for examples of this). Equally importantly, the Kicking Form introduces students to the principle of moving to the side in order to attack and destabilise their opponents centreline. An example of this is when, during the form, the student hops to the side and executes a simultanoeus Fak Sau and Sidekick. Such dynamic movements also trains a student's balance and co-ordination when using Wing Chun kicks.

Austin Goh is one of the very few Wing Chun teachers in England (and the world) to teach the Kicking Form. This is because the Kicking Form has not been practised, taught, or known of by most other Wing Chun lineages.

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