London Wing Chun: Pole form

Pole Form- Defence at Long Distance

Like the Butterfly Knives, the Pole Form is only taught to advanced Wing Chun Students, and is frequently non taught at all in many mainstream Wing Chun Schools. The Pole Form is a vital part of the Wing Chun syllabus, as it teaches students how to attack and defend themselves with a long range weapon. In doing so, the Pole Form also trains Wing Chun students in channeling immense energy to fixed points of impact.

As is shown the video below, the Pole Form requires Wing Chun Students to stand in the Horse stance and by doing so helps to build leg muscles. In addition to this, the thrusting and twisting techinques in the Pole Form builds upper body strength. Finally, the Pole Form also teaches Wing Chun students how to maintain their balance whilst transferring their body weight between long and short stances.

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