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London Wing Chun is here to help you find the best Wing Chun teacher/sifu in London for you. It is important to remember that a student's progress is largely dependent on their teacher. Some students will thrive under a particular Sifu, whilst others will stagnate. Essentially, a Wing Chun student must Wing Chun teacher with a teaching method which they can understand. In selecting a Wing Chun teacher, consider:

Listed below are names and info on some of the Wing Chun teachers offering classes in London right now.

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Directory of London Wing Chun Sifus...

Sifu Austin Goh

austin_goh_wing_chunAustin Goh set up his first Wing-Chun school in London in the early 1970's and has since expanded into Europe. He now has well over a thousand students in his schools.

His success as a teacher in the martial arts is due to his friendly and open-minded teaching methods which have gained him the respect and loyalty of his students. Read more

Master Leo Au Yeung

master leo au yeungMaster Yeung started his Wing Chun training with Ip Chun in 1995. Since 2002 Master Yeung has trained under the supervision of Samuel Kowk in the UK. During this time Master Yeung has gained huge respect within the international Wing Chun community. This culminated in Master Yeung being invited to be one of the fight choreographers on the Ip Man Movie set, working with legendary martial arts director Sammo Hung. Read more

Sifu Mark Phillips

sifu_mark_phillipsSifu Mark Phillips began studying Wing Chun in 1986. After twenty- one years of training and teaching, Sifu Phillips is now ranked as the number one student in the UK Wing Chun Association and is a registered instructor with the prestigious 'Ving Tsun Athletic Association' in Hong Kong. Sifu Phillips currently instructs at the esteemed London Wing Chun Academy. Read more

Sifu Alan Orr
Sifu Alan Orr

Alan Orr is a disciple, and UK representative of the internationally renowned Wing Chun Sifu Robert Chu.

Whilst he specialises in Wing Chun Kuen, Sifu Alan Orr has also trained in many weapon-based arts as well as ground fighting arts. Sifu Alan Orr is one of the UK's most respected and progressive Wing Chun teachers. Read more

Sifu Tomorr Shala

sifu_tomorr ShalaSifu Shala's Wing Chun classes in Central London are based on forms, hand and leg techniques, footwork, pad work, partner training

For a FREE introduction and a FREE first month of lessons and Call Sifu Shala on 0788 695 4009 now and quote: Read more

Sifu Nino Bernardo

nino bernandoAlthough he no longer lives and teaches full time in London, Sifu Nino Bernardo is one of the most respected Wing Chun Sifus of recent times. Sifu Bernardo has a number of schools which continue to teach his unique style of Wing Chun (Leung lineage).

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