London Wing Chun: Sparring

Wing Chun Sparring : Glove Up and Get Down To It!

Sparring is an essential training method in Wing Chun, which allows students to test their Wing Chun attacking and defending techniques under conditions of elevated pressure and stress.

In this first video we see two students practicing light sparring in a tightly confined space. Each student attacks and defends in a controlled manner, seeking to learn from their mistakes and successes:

At first Wing Chun sparring can seem challenging to new students, the prospect of being punched or kicked is quite alarming. During sparring, students will often experience heightened levels of adrenaline, fear, excitement, and energy. In this second video we see two students fighting in a more open space. The sparring is focused on arm techniques only.

Sparring is an excellent training exercise for Wing Chun students to gauge their progress. As no doubt all experienced Wing Chun practitioners will agree, it is a remarkable feeling when a student is able to successfully apply the Wing Chun techniques and principles they have been learning.

Students will also begin to understand the importance of Wing Chun drills and the sticky hands/ chi sau exercise. From these training exercises Wing Chun students will have built up good reflexes and awareness of positioning.

New students should begin sparring lightly, conceding when a good hit has landed. As they progress students will appreciate the importance of being alert and relaxed during sparring, so that they can execute techniques smoothly and speedily

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