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Wooden Dummy Form - Conditioning, Positioning and Footwork

The Wooden Dummy is a hugely valuable training aid for Wing Chun practitioners. It allows students to practice techniques without a training partner. The Wooden Dummy also hones a Wing Chun students precision, power, and structure. Below are are selection of Wooden Dummy videos including some rare footage of Grand Master Ip Man performing the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form.

Austin Goh Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Form

Students of any level can use a Wing Chun Wooden dummy, however those with more years of training under will be able to more greatly appreciate the way in which the Wooden Dummy assists with drilling footwork and the application of power whilst moving. Below are a few videos of Wing Chun Dummy Forms and training drills.

Master Wong Wing Chun Dummy Drills

Like all forms the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form differs slightly from lineage to lineage, but the key concepts within it remain the same. Some even claim that the Wooden Dummy form contains the elements of Dim Mak (otherwise known as the death touch).

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy's Available at

Below is some rare footage of Grand Master Ip Man performing the Wooden Dummy Form:

Ip Man Wooden Dummy Form:

Below is a video with some unconventional, non-Wing Chun, training drills which can be practised on the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Slam-Set

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