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LWC: Your Guide To Wing Chun Classes in London

London Wing Chun is your guide to finding the best Wing Chun classes in London for you. London Wing Chun is built by people who study Wing Chun in London. London Wing Chun will bring you all the essential information about the Wing Chun community in London including... Click Here To Read More

London wing chun: Fight Quest Wing Chun Special

Fight Quest is an extremely popular reality based martial arts television series. This season the Fight Quest crew travelled to Hong Kong to train in Wing Chun. The first part of the episode is provided below... Click here for all five parts

Fight Quest Wing Chun Special: Video 1

Like all the other Fight Quest episodes, this is a really entertaining watch especially because it is 100% dedicated to Wing Chun... Click here for all five parts


Interactive Map of Wing Chun Classes In London Now Available!

wing chun london mapLondon Wing Chun has now produced its very own map of Wing Chun classes in London. This fantastic new resource gives a superb graphical representation of where your closest London Wing Chun class is located. The map is can be manipulated, includes zoom in/out functionality, and features interactive markers which, when clicked on, provide detailed class information.


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The Genius of Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Game of Death

Bruce Lee is the undisputed master of 20th century martial arts. No other martial artist before or since Bruce Lee has attained the same level of admiration or inspired so many. Why is this?

Bruce Lee was a one-of-a-kind revolutionary thinker whose dedication to self-improvement propelled him to challenge established systems, break boundaries and create new approaches to martial arts training. Lee was not merely a great martial artist, he was a charismatic philisopher...Click Here To Read More

London Wing Chun Classic Article...

London Wing Chun Goes Grappling

wing chun grapplingWing Chun is an art which avoids fighting on the floor at all costs. Staying on your feet, and disposing of your opponent as quickly and energy efficiently as possible is fundamental. However, with the meteoric growth of UFC, grappling has fast become the art to analyze and understand. Aware of all of the above, London Wing Chun figured it should investigate grappling, and see how much it complimented Wing Chun... Click Here To Read More

In this exclusive article, London Wing Chun takes the controversial step of training in Ju-Jitsu grappling. The article includes a full account of the techniques learned, with accompanying video footage... Click Here To Read More

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The Top 10 Martial Arts Movies Of All Time36th chamber of shaolin dvd

The London Wing Chun editorial team have put together a definitive list of the top 10 martial arts movies of all time.

Check out our comprehensive countdown of the best fighting flicks ever to see if your personal favourites have made it onto our winners podium.

The top ten list includes full information about all of the featured martial arts movies and even links to video previews.

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The Customer Services Cuong-Fu Master

sifu cuong trinhLondon Wing Chun has an exclusive interview with Cuong Trinh, a Customer Services Partner with a hidden talent - he’s a qualified instructor in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Find out why Sifu Cuong Trinh first started learning Wing Chun and why he believes Wing Chun is the most effective form of self-defence.

Sifu Cuong also reveals the importance of Chi cultivation and Wooden Dummy training for all Wing Chun students.

Click here to read London Wing Chun's interview with Sifu Cuong Trinh.

If you would like to train with Sifu Cuong Trinh you can call him on: 07515 833 855
Alternatively you can visit his website www.cuongtrinh-wingchun.com

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Chi Sau Takes To The Streets of China:

This video shows Sifu Garry Baniecki from Shaolin Jee Shin Wing Chun, having chi sao fun in Foshan China outside the Ancestral Temple, where the Yip Man Tong resides. To learn more about Sifu Baniecki's Wing Chun visit www.shaolinjeeshinwingchun.com.au today!

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